Why the Lakers Would Be Foolish to End Close Alliance with Klutch Sports

The smartest move Rob Pelinka has made as VP of Basketball Operations and General Manager for the Los Angeles Lakers was to forge a close alliance with Rich Paul and the Klutch Sports Group, who represent James and Davis.

With LeBron James’ seemingly never-ending career approaching its end, the biggest mistake Pelinka and the Lakers front office could make would be to assume the Klutch alliance was no longer important and end the partnership. Ending a unique advantageous relationship that brought the Lakers two superstars and their 17th NBA championship would be a foolhardy move considering Klutch Sports is on the way to being the #1 agency in the NBA.

Right now, the topic of whether the Lakers should end their alliance with Rich Paul and Klutch Sports since LeBron James is nearing retirement has become the most controversial NSFW NBA topic dominating sports blogs and bars. Many supporters of ending the Lakers/Klutch partnership blame LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the unnecessary season-killing trade for Russell Westbrook and are worried about LeBron bolting the Lakers like the Cavs.

What those critics are ignoring is the Lakers/Klutch relationship is about a lot more than just LeBron James. Rich Paul is also the agent for Anthony Davis and taking a dramatic step like trading LeBron could end up alienating AD. Right now, Klutch Sports has 31 NBA players under contract for total salaries of $389,208,200, including 5 All-Stars and two players with max contracts. Jeff Schwartz is only agent with more players, total salaries, or All-Stars.

Klutch Sports just signed Zach LaVine to join their stable of NBA stars that includes LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, Lonzo Ball, Trae Young, Miles Bridges, Malik Beasley, and Darius Garland. Having potential access to Klutch Sports valuable portfolio of players is an advantage the Lakers should treasure and carefully manage. It’s an edge no other NBA team has and could directly contribute to future championships.

One of the unspoken advantages for the Lakers of having an alliance with Klutch Sports is the insight it gives Rob Pelinka and the Lakers front office and scouting department when it comes to player evaluation, a Klutch strength. Rich Paul and Klutch Sports Group have become champions of NBA player empowerment and movement and that is not like to stop in the future. At some point, Klutch is going to make another move to help the Lakers.

It could even happen this summer with Zach LaVine, an unrestricted free agent, whom Klutch Sports could have demand a sign-and-trade to the Los Angeles Lakers or he will sign elsewhere and the Bulls will get nothing. Rich Paul is not afraid to be a trend setting in getting his clients the best deals with the best teams. Pairing LaVine with James and Davis would certainly enhance the brand of the Lakers as well as the three Kutch Sports Group superstars.

The close relationship between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Klutch Sports Group has been a point of contention with other NBA teams and agents, who say the relationship gives the Lakers an unfair advantage over competition. The league so far has not been able to find a legal basis for preventing the Lakers and Klutch collaboration. Nor has any other NBA team been able to forge a similar relationship with any of Klutch Sports competitors.

The smartest move Rob Pelinka can make this summer is make sure to embrace and reinforce the Los Angeles Lakers’ close alliance with the Klutch Sports Group to help the purple and gold win more NBA championships.

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