What Should Be Lakers’ Next Move?

Comparing the options the Los Angeles Lakers will have to build a superteam around superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis

While there are still cap space hurdles to be jumped, the Los Angeles Lakers continue to have a strong interest signing a superstar like Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard, or Jimmy Butler to a max contract in free agency.

Whether the addition of Anthony Davis will be enough to entice one of these superstar free agents to don purple and gold may be a long shot as none of them were seriously thought to be Lakers bound before the trade. But maybe the Lakers know something the media doesn’t or maybe LeBron’s been able to recruit Kawhi or Kyrie. But even if they fail to clear the cap space or sign that third superstar, the Lakers grand plan to build a superteam is alive and well.

Whether you’re rooting for a Dynamic Duo or a Big Three, the Lakers have a wide world of opportunities from which to choose once free agency opens up on June 30th. Here are my seven best options for the Lakers’ next move:

  1. Sign Kawhi Leonard. That another forward should top the Lakers’ free agency big board is a testament to how great a player Kawhi Leonard is. Even without a single starting quality guard on their roster, the Lakers should not hesitate to spend all their cap space to sign Kawhi Leonard as he would give them three of the top seven basketball players in the world. Signing the 27-year old Leonard to go with the 26-year old Anthony and 34-year old James would secure the Lakers’ present as well as its future.

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