Time for Iggy to buyout his contract!

As the Lakers emerge as the favorites to win the championship, Andre Iguodala’s desire to join them and win another ring just gets greater

There’s no question Andre Iguodala wants to join the Lakers and close out his NBA career by winning a fourth ring. There’s also no question that Iggy, as an elite wing defender, is the missing piece to a Lakers’ championship.

As the Lakers continue to emerge as favorites to win the championship, the pressure will continue to mount for Andre Iguodala to negotiate a buyout from the Memphis Grizzlies so he can control where he finishes his career. And make no mistake, the Los Angeles Lakers, whose general manager Rob Pelinka was his long-time player agent and close family friend, is the team Iggy wants to play for. That’s something everybody in the league knows.

What’s at stake for Andre Iguodala is the $17 million salary the rebuilding Memphis Grizzlies are obligated to pay him for the final year of the $48 million contract he signed four years ago with the Golden State Warriors. The cap-strapped Grizzlies would love to dump Iggy’s salary in a trade for young talent and/or picks from a contending team before the February 7, 2020 trade deadline but the chances of that happening are a long shot.

Memphis already received a first round pick from the Warriors to take on Iguodala’s $17 million salary last summer and the Grizzlies are more than willing to buy him out but Iggy’s obviously holding out wanting to get paid. It’s time for Iguodala to sit down with the Grizzlies to buy out his contract. The best the Grizzlies could do to reduce salaries would be to save $3.4 million by trading Iggy for a player with a $13.7 million expiring contract.

I think the Memphis Grizzlies would jump at the opportunity to buy out Andre Iguodala’s contract for $10 million, which would save them $7.1 million, more than double what they could probably save by trading him. Iggy would then be free to control his destiny and sign with the Lakers to hopefully finish his 16th and last NBA season by going out in style and capping his illustrious career by winning his fourth championship ring.

While it’s always easy to give up other people’s money, sacrificing $7.1 million is not a huge price to pay to be able to choose where you’re going to finish your career and have an opportunity to win another championship. Iggy has earned more than $166 million during his career and currently is worth in excess of $100 million so it’s not out of the question he’ll get tired of sitting and waiting and want to make a move to resolve his situation.

Look for Iggy to negotiate a buy out of his contract sometime this month so that he can sign as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers and join LeBron James and Anthony Davis in their pursuit of the NBA championship.

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