The Worst Case Scenario for Lakers?

Why the Los Angeles Lakers will be a championship contender next season even if they fail to sign or trade for a superstar

Ignore the petulant pouting crybaby Laker haters and their doom and gloom and embrace the reality that LeBron James, our young core, and what we can add with the #4 pick and $32 million will be a championship contender.

While I believe the Lakers will be able to sign or trade for a second superstar, it won’t be the end of the world if they don’t. In fact, the Lakers’ worst case scenario still has an excellent chance to legitimately compete for an NBA title. Even if we strike out and can’t sign or trade for a second superstar, we’ll still have the capability to add another top tier prospect with #4 pick in the draft and add a trio of proven veteran stars with our $32 million in cap space.

Flash back to last Christmas Day when LeBron and the Lakers’ young guns were a top four team and were demolishing the world champion Golden State Warriors before injuries to James, Ball, and Ingram derailed their season. Imagine how much better and more motivated a healthy and rested LeBron James is going to be or how much growth a year older and more mature Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart will experience.

Then consider just how much better this team could be this with the signing of three proven veteran free agents like the Brook Lopez, Malcolm Brogdon, and Trevor Ariza and drafting of dynamic rookie point guard Darius Garland. Finally, factor in how much better and deeper the Lakers’ bench would be by bringing back late season top performers Alex Caruso and Jemerrio Jones and proven veteran three-point shooters Mike Muscala and Reggie Bullock.

There’s no question the Lakers’ ownership and front office has been a mess but with Magic Johnson gone, we now have a second opportunity to redress the mistakes that cost us Brook Lopez and Julius Randle and gave us Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, and Michael Beasley. And this time we won’t be limited in just being able to offer one-year deals. Instead, we will be able to offer multiple-year contracts to pursue the elite role players that we need.

While our search for a new head coach was not handled as well as it could have been, I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with everything I’ve heard from Frank Vogel and think he could be exactly what the Lakers need. His constant positivity and drive to get everybody on the same page are the breath of fresh air the Lakers desperately needed. I think he is going to fill the leadership void and be the unifying voice this franchise needs right now.

Bottom line, it’s time to ignore the doubters and naysayers and be confident. While I’ll be rooting for us to sign or trade for a superstar, even the Lakers’ worst case scenario has an excellent chance to compete for a championship.

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