The Lakers’ Offseason Big Board!

Ranking the major free agency and player trade options that might be available for the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason

As maligned and dysfunctional as the Lakers’ front office has been over the last few years, they still find themselves perfectly positioned with an amazing array of free agency and trade options to become championship contenders.

Here’s my personal big board ranking of the Lakers’ major offseason options.

The top five options on my Big Board are superstar players who will require a max contract to sign with the Lakers or any team. The sixth and seventh players are superstars the Lakers would likely have to trade three of their four young stars to acquire. The eighth player is one for whom the Lakers would have to save their cap space until next summer. The ninth through fifteenth players on my Big Board are stars who’d demand more than $20 million to sign as free agents.

  1. Sign Kevin Durant. There’s no greater move the Lakers could make to catapult them into championship contention than signing 30-year old Kevin Durant to be Batman to LeBron James’ Superman. The Lakers would immediately be odds on favorites to win multiple championships over the next three seasons. It would also mark the first time in history that the top two players in the league would be playing on the same team.
    2019: 26.0 points, 6.4 rebounds, 5.9 assists in 34.6 minutes per game.

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