The Case for Kevin Durant to Lakers!

Why the Los Angeles Lakers could actually be the best team for Kevin Durant to join to solidify his ultimate legacy as the GOAT

There’s only one NBA team with the necessary cap space, requisite talent to immediately win a championship, and the consummate legacy of greatness to enable Kevin Durant to achieve his ultimate destiny of becoming the GOAT.

That team is the 16-time NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers who have the one thing no other team capable of signing Kevin Durant has: LeBron James. Kevin knows it was LeBron who broke the mold set by Kobe Bryant and the superstars before him that inspired him to leave Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors to pursue the rings he would need in his quest to become the Greatest Of All Time.

As a dedicated student of the game, Kevin’s carefully followed the career path LeBron established and maintained control of his destiny by limiting his deals with the Warriors to two-year contracts with player options for second year. What could be a more logical next step and more brilliant career move than continuing the same path, exercising his player option this summer, and then signing a four-year contract to join LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers?

Forget all the noise about Kevin Durant joining Kyrie Irving to resurrect the New York Knicks or the two teaming up to lead the Brooklyn Nets to their first championship. Kyrie is not going to be leaving the Boston Celtics and neither the Knicks or the Nets have the talent to win immediately like the Lakers with LeBron do. Kevin knows he and LeBron could form the greatest duo in the history of the game and the Lakers are the penultimate platform in the world.

If Kevin Durant truly wants to become the Greatest Of All Time, no NBA team offers a superior platform on which to accomplish that than the L.A. Lakers. Durant will likely win his third ring with the Warriors this year, which would tie him with James. Were KD to sign with the Lakers this summer, there’s a good chance he and LeBron could each win three more rings to tie them with Michael Jordan at six before Bron retired and turned the Lakers over to him.

Pairing Kevin Durant with LeBron James and the Lakers’ young talent would create a better and more powerful NBA team than adding him and a second free agent superstar to either the New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets would. LeBron and KD would be an unstoppable duo, probably the greatest duo to play the game since Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. It could mark the first time in NBA history the best two players in the game were on the same team.

If the Lakers were to sign Kevin Durant, they would most certainly consider trading one or more of their young stars in order to add more experience and firepower to the roster to take advantage of LeBron James’ last three years. They could add another superstar player like Anthony Davis or Bradley Beal or add multiple elite role players like Brook Lopez, Danny Green, or Patrick Beverly. KD would be the catalyst to forming the greatest Lakers team ever.

Unlike the situation with the Warriors, who‘ll always be Steph Curry’s team, the Lakers would ultimately become Kevin Durant’s team. His leaving the Warriors would not only vault the Lakers to multiple championships but also prove to doubters and detractors that he, not Steph Curry, was the reason for the Warriors’ championships. Durant to the Lakers is not only Durant’s best legacy move but also the perfect strategy to redeem his social media image.

Kevin Durant is probably already the best player on the planet but joining LeBron James would not only empower him to be the greatest player of all time but also vault the Los Angeles Lakers to be the greatest team of all time.

Lakers fanatic since 1971 when team traded for Wilt Chamberlain. Founder, editor, and publisher of, a community for smart informed Lakers fans.

Lakers fanatic since 1971 when team traded for Wilt Chamberlain. Founder, editor, and publisher of, a community for smart informed Lakers fans.