Hey, Douglas. Thanks for reading and commenting. I think there was a perfect storm of good fortune and some strategy that let to Kyle slipping to #27. I think his coming from Utah was a factor as was his age and 3 years in college. Teams bet heavily on upside, which is why the 1-and-done 18-year olds are so highly valued. While Kyle had a steady upward growth path at Utah, he didn’t have the kind of breakout season that most very good or great players do. Finally, he only shot 30% from deep at Utah so his shooting was suspect.

Kuzma did, however, shoot much better his last 10 games and killed it during his scrimmage and tryout with the Lakers, which resulted in strong interest by the Lakers and Kyle’s agent essentially shutting him down. The rest is all history. Summer league championship game MVP, etc. And now a key part of the small ball lineup Luke used to close the game against the Wizards and what I hope will become the Lakers’ version of the Warriors’ Death Lineup.

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