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Battle of LA Round 2 Begins Tonight! Who Should Start Game for Lakers?

Tonight is the perfect opportunity for Frank Vogel to test sitting 2 or 3 players each game to create the best 8 or 9 man to lineup to matchup against opponents to solve deep roster, load management, and Covid-19 problems.

Faced with so many tough decisions as to whom to play and so little time to sort through the options, changing the starting lineup and rotations game to game could be the smartest way for the Lakers to move forward this season. It would not only allow Vogel to load the starting lineup with multiple players who can defend Leonard and George but also to create a starting lineup and rotations to take advantage of vulnerable Clippers defenders.

With Marcus Morris out, the Clippers will probably start with a lineup of Patrick Beverley, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Nicolas Batum, and Serge Ibaka. Vogel should start the lineup that best matches up against those five. While LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and probably Marc Gasol are going to start for the Lakers, Frank Vogel has a wide range of options when it comes to whom to start at the point and shooting guard positions against the Clippers.

For example, a Lakers’ starting lineup of Talen Horton-Tucker, Kyle Kuzma, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Marc Gasol could create serious issues for the Clippers at both ends of the court and force them to make changes. That lineup gives the Lakers four defenders with size and length to guard Kawhi and PG, five shooters who can play five-out and stretch defenses, and three talented playmakers and two elite cutters to create ball movement.

Horton-Tucker is a nightmare matchup for Beverley and Kuzma a better matchup against George than KCP or Caruso. LeBron plays Kawhi as well as anybody in the league and there’s no way Batum can matchup against Davis. On the other hand, Vogel may like Schroder’s speed against Beverley and Matthews’ defense against George. There’s no obvious starters at point guard and shooting guard at this point in the season so why not matchup.

I would rather see the Lakers play an 8 or 9-man rotation where everybody plays enough to get into a rhythm and develop rapport with teammates than an 11-man rotation where 2 of 3 players end up getting token minutes. There’s no question matchups are key to beating the Clippers. I also love the idea of playing THT at point when Lou Williams is in the game. The Lakers’ roster is so deep and talented that Vogel has a plethora of options.

With just four preseason games and a deep roster, load management, and Covid-19 problems, tonight’s a perfect time for Frank Vogel to limit his rotations to the 8 or 9 players who best matchup against the Clippers.

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