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With Anthony Davis committing to re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Christian Wood becomes the preeminent free agent big man this offseason, which means there’s a good chance there will be a bidding war to land him.

While some free agent pundits established Wood’s market value around $10 million per year, other analysts have suggested he could command as much as $15 to $17 million per year based on his breakout 2020 year with the Pistons. …

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The uncertainty of the pandemic and the lack of teams with cap space have given the Lakers a unique opportunity to steal free agent center Christian Wood, who is the perfect player to complement and unleash Anthony Davis.

Pairing 6' 10" Christian Wood and his 7' 3" wingspan with 6' 10" Anthony Davis and his 7' 6" wingspan would give the Lakers unprecedented size and length and a monster front court that would be a nightmare matchup. …

While the Lakers are over the salary cap, they still may be able to re-sign valuable free agent role players with raises as well as signing a free agent third scorer, second playmaker, elite wing defender, or modern center.

The Lakers will have to take advantage of league exceptions which allow teams to go over the cap when signing free agents, synchronized execution of the transactions, and opportunistic use of their MLE in a buyers’ market. …



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